RFID and Mojodat

RFID with Mojodat Adds More Control to Fixed Assets

The rapid change in our fast-moving world has become unstoppable. This means that every new has a newer version, every great invention has a greater update, and so on. At every moment, a cutting-edge achievement is taking place. How? Technology is the answer. Huge organizations worldwide have been employing it in their enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and fixed assets management systems like Mojodat. So how to add more control on these operations using a significant technology, called RFID?


What is RFID Technology?

It is an automatic identification and data capture method. That refers to Radio Frequency Identification that uses radio waves to transmit data. It consists of two main parts: A circuit and an antenna. This device, in case of Mojodat, sends the information to be stored in Mojodat’s database. This is by getting them attached to an object and passing a reader over the tags.


RFID VS Barcode Tagging:

RFID may seem similar to the classical barcode tags, as organizations efficiently use both of them as parts of inventory tracking workflow. However, it is the superior choice that would add more control on your fixed assets management. It has many advantages summed in the following points:

  • RFID tags do not require a direct line of sight, unlike barcode tags.
  • The asset management applications can read multiple tags at the same time.
  • The active RFID tags can hold a lot more data such as maintenance records, warranty information or product specifications.
  • The active RFID tags are read/write devices allowing you to alter the data held on the tag with the right hardware.
  • RFID tags have more security for the data they hold. It can be encrypted, or password protected.
  • RFID tags are more rugged than standard vinyl labels although hard-wearing plastic or metal barcode labels are available.
  • RFID tags can have barcodes printed onto their surface as a backup in case of damage or corruption.
  • Tracking the movements of the assets automatically is quite easy by using the RFID sensors on the gates.


RFID and Mojodat
RFID and Mojodat Fixed Assets

Choosing the Best Fixed Assets Management Solution:

In some certain situations, barcode tags would be preferred over RFID. It is cheaper, universally scannable anywhere in the world, flatter, lighter and therefore easier to use. However, when you have a movable fixed asset you need to track over many places, RFID is the best tag type. Even when you need an anti-theft device alternative to bulky and expensive security tags, or you need a perfect means for stock-taking and finding lost inventory, especially for businesses which have a high turn-over or rent items out, RFID then would be your perfect choice to control your fixed assets management the way your business deserves.

Mojodat solution offers tracking the movements of the fixed assets using RFID gate sensors and reporting the movements’ history. It also sends an alarm of any unauthorized movement in real-time. These functions are added values that complete the assets life cycle management in the ERP system.