Mojodat - Fixed Asset Management Solution

Take control of your assets and know what you have!

Stop Worrying, Take Action

  • Using excel to track the location, condition and depreciation of your assets?
  • Do you panic you’re asked for a list of assets, but what’s on paper isn’t what’s out there?

From Cash to Accural

  • Have you outgrown cash accounting and need an accrual solution for your assets?
  • Make it easy for your staff to update their equipment directly into a modern asset accounting solution.

Need It Done Fast

  • We have a fast-growing network of partners across the region ready to tag.
  • Get a jump start, have our team sprint through tagging and setting you up ready for year-end like the 100M dash.

The barcode army

Our team will study your current fixed assets scheme, conduct gap analysis design new operating procedure, generate asset classification structure, implement asset tagging and Assets barcoding.

  • Wall to wall inventory
  • Control cost, reduce loses
  • Accurate asset register
  • RFID/Barcode technologies
  • Cutting edge Mobile APP

Sophisticated inventories, simple software

Barcoding is only half the battle, you need an asset management software that can do individual asset tracking, manage the financial details of depreciation, maintenance, capitalization and attribution.

  • Manage full asset lifecycle
  • Financial treatment
  • Maintenance module
  • Comprehensive report/dashboard
  • 3rd party integration
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  • Asset catalogue
  • Track movements
  • Composed assets
  • Control custodies
  • Mass addition
  • Book depreciations
  • Acquiring to elimination
  • Leased asset

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