How Mojodat for Fixed Assets integrates with Oracle EBS and completes its functionality

Mojodat is a fully-fledged asset lifecycle management system with intuitive web user interfaces and state-of-the-art mobile and PDA applications. Mojodat integrates seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite with both Fixed Assets module and with Oracle EBS Financial, with the ability to configure the transactions flow with Oracle EBS to cover all business needs.

Oracle APIs can provide the mechanism to write data into Oracle EBS FA, but there are no off-the-shelf APIs to read such data. Therefore, Mojodat solves this by creating procedures, views, and recurring jobs on the database level, to enable working on any integration scenario a business may need, using:

  • APIs over application level, using Oracle EBS SOA gateway (if available).
  • APIs over database level, using the following Oracle standard APIs like:
    DO_ADDITION, DO_TRANSFER, DO_ADJUSTMENT, DO_RETIREMENT and querying the appropriate database tables like FA_ADDITIONS.

The benefits of the integration

Mojodat can complete the assets life cycle management in Oracle E-Business Suite through the following functions:

1. Mobile Applications

Mojodat offers cutting edge mobile and handheld applications. All the physical treatments could be done from this application online or offline, then this data can be synced with Oracle EBS automatically.

Mojodat App leverages both RFID technology and the regular barcode labels. The main functions are:

  • Receive assets
  • Transfer the assets
  • Change barcode labels
  • Tag new assets
  • Change custodians
  • Asset Audit & Counting

2. Receive the assets from procurements and WIP:

Mojodat bridges the gap between receiving assets in the inventory and its capitalization. After receiving the assets in Oracle EBS using the Goods Received Note (GRN) function, the user cannot add the asset information (such as barcode, custodian, location, category, model, department, etc.), and create the corresponding information in the financial register until issuing the Payable Invoice (AP).

Mojodat is fully integrated with the Goods Received Note (GRN) function. It can recognize the assets from the PO lines, read the data of these assets data automatically from the GRN (step 1 in the illustration), then it handles these assets data in a staging area to generate corresponding assets cards and creates the related composition information (parent-child relationship) when required. After that, the user can have the assets records in Mojodat and perform all of the available tracking operations like transferring assets, physical counting, and custodian assignments in addition to having the assets available on mobile and PDA applications to enable the user to perform additional operations like tagging, assigning barcodes and auditing.

Once the assets financial data is ready, Mojodat can push the up-to-date assets records to EBS Fixed Asset Financial Register using Post Mass Addition function.

3. Managing Composed Assets:

In Oracle EBS, when an asset is considered financially as one asset, it is not easy to manage the assets that are composed of several parts and that can have more than one barcode.

Mojodat can manage composed assets effectively and link any composed asset with their related assets in the Oracle EBS financial register. This could be managed from the mobile applications as well to give more control to the user.

4. Approvals Workflow:

Mojodat provides a flexible workflow approval for the Transfers and Disposals. The approval workflow could be configured per the asset location and category.

5. Controlled Access to Data:

For distributed companies, granting access to all assets data and transactions to one person is not feasible. With Mojodat, the client can segregate access to the assets data per branch or department. Thus, users can generate reports and do transactions on the assets that are under their responsibility only.

6. Rich and Flexible Locations and Categories Hierarchies:

Most Oracle EBS clients will be not satisfied with the location hierarchy or categories catalog in EBS. Changing the data is not easy, risky, and requires considerable data cleansing.

By using Mojodat, the client can add up to three levels of categories and five levels of locations hierarchy, then we can map this data with Oracle EBS master data. This allows the data to be transferred smoothly between the two systems.

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