Welcome from our CEO

Welcome to Transtek Systems

Thank you for taking the time to check our business software solutions. For the last ten years, Transtek Systems has helped leading organizations in the Arab World cut costs and boost productivity. Compass Enterprise Suite (more known as Compass ERP), and its 20+ modules has made that possible.

The last decade has witnessed increased competition in all business sectors in the Middle East and Arab World. The new era brings many opportunities, and poses many threats all at once.

In an age where the survival of the fittest has become the rule of the game, your company has to stand out in the quality, cost, and delivery time. That requires investment in the right resources to increase your output and capacity. It also requires smart control of existing resources to maximize efficiency. However, you cannot do this without the right software for your business.

Compass Enterprise Suite of business applications, and mainly our Compass ERP, gives your organization the necessary intelligence to make the right move at the right time.

As I look forward to working with you, whether you in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, or Lebanon. We are proud that we are building the future of this region, together with pioneering leaders like you. This is my and the team's pledge to your success.

Abdulsalam Haykal
CEO, Transtek Systems