Transtek Academy

The Program
Transtek Academy offers a comprehensive training program for university students as well as fresh graduates to help them understand the IT and software industry in a simple way. They will get a chance to understand and get basic training on Compass ERP.

Trainees are given the opportunity to experience the real business world through attending meetings, delivering presentation inside and outside Transtek, preparing different materials for Transtek’s use, etc. We believe that accomplishing concrete professional tasks is the best way to put one’s theory skills into practice.

The training program delivered is based on the specialty of each individual. We make sure to attribute, to each of our trainees, tasks responding to their expectations while matching their skills and needs.

Trainees Background
Transtek Systems has received Syrian as well as international trainees. We accept various backgrounds in marketing, sales, development, programming, etc.

Training Period
The training period varies depending on the nature of the program followed, yet the minimum training period is one month.
During the training period, each trainee gets evaluated on the subject of their work. Grades are attributed in return of their involvement and tasks such as attendance, commitment, oral presentation, written assignments, cooperation, team work, etc. At the end of the internship period, trainees are given a certification from the academy realizing their work.

Transtek believes in tomorrow’s young work force. We make sure trainees leave our company with knowledge and skills acquirements that add value to their professional and personal capital and help them choose what they want to do next.

The team 
From the first day, trainees are considered as members of our team.

Transtek has a very friendly, cooperative, and helpful team that is always ready to provide trainees with all necessary information they need, and answer each question they might have.

We usually coach several trainees at the same time so that a real professional team spirit is created.

When to apply?
The best time to apply is two months ahead of the the internship starting time for local students, and 6 months for international students. Internships usually start early June and end late September. However, each case is considered individually.  

If you are interested in applying to Transtek Academy, please send your CV to: with the department you are interested most in (sales, marketing, development, programming, etc.)