YallaStartUp Weekend Beirut, 34 ideas in 1 weekend

YallaStartUp Weekend Beirut, 34 ideas in 1 weekend
YallaStartup Weekend took place for the first time in Beirut, Lebanon from November 12 to 14, 2010. As part of Global Startup weekend, YallaStartup is a project that fosters early stage and youth entrepreneurship in the MENA region.

Transtek was a golden sponsor of the event. By sponsoring this event, Transtek aims to support entrepreneurs in their ability to  change and to make a difference. Transtek is always eager to support financially and to provide helpful advice.

In total, more than 200 talented people, all having different skills and backgrounds participated to the event. They were coming from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Syria. In total, 15 Syrians participated. 

The participants were challenged to work in teams with people they might have never met before and to develop an creative idea into a product in only 54 hours. At the end each team had to present their product to the panel of judges in not more than 4 minutes.

34 teams were formed, all having new creative ideas. Of these teams, there were 3 Syrian teams and the remaining Syrians were part of other  international teams.  At the end, only one winner could be chosen. The judge panel had the difficult task to choose the best project.

Mimix became the winner. Mimix is a tool that translates speech into sign language for deaf. This project was made by a talented group consisting out of Lebanese and Jordan whom have never met each other before.

Mimix also won the Global Startup Weekend. Mimix was competing with 12 other winners of the Startup Weekend from other cities like Boston, Chicago, Sofia, Lisbon and New York.

YallaStartup Weekend was a great success and will definitely be back next year.