Compass Financial

Managing your financial resources has become a challenge and is essential for all the decision making procedures within the organization, given the potential risks that are accompanied with each decision.  

Key Features:
  • Includes general ledger, cash, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, budgeting, shareholders management, cost analysis and control, and financial analysis.
  • Complete financial picture of your organization
  • Solid information from across the organization’s financial facts to help make more sound and confident decisions
  • Follows international financial standards and issues financial statemtnts that complies with international financial standards.
  • Ability to build chart of account with segments or hierarchical structure and keeps data for years on the same version.
  • Multi currency and multi company support
  • Replication support
  • Flexible profit and loss presentation

How will Compass Financial help my business?
  • Integrate financial processes with other business operations
  • Flexible reporting mechanism
  • Allow the organization to plan ahead
  • Manage cash flow more effectively
  • Have control over your assets and their depreciation
  • Insure a healthy balance sheet with effective debt management
  • Act from an informed position
Compass Financials is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.
This screen shows how  a cash transaction is set up; including status,  account currency, automatic calculation of amount and rate, etc.

This screen shows how an account payable invoice is made; including VAT type, payment terms, last pay date, etc.

Compass Fixed Assets

Managing fixed assets involves numerous documents, and it's in fact the most document intensive function in the financial department. Ineffectively managing fixed assets leads to unnecessary insurance and tax costs. Compass Assets Management helps to control all fixed assets trouble-free, and enables both a qualitative and quantitative overview your assets.

Key features:
  • Records, including purchasing, rental, manufacturing, insurance and maintenance information.
  • Auto generation of assets codes & barcodes.
  • Location & custodian.
  • Financial fixed assets records.
  • Financial records  of  original cost, additions & disposals, life spam, and initial depreciation.
  • Fixed Assets Processes.
  • Fixed Assets Depreciation.
  • Depreciation method.
  • Unlimited options for re-calculating depreciation before posting.
  • Reports.

How would it benefit my business?
  • Improved internal control of all fixed assets.
  • Effective resource management.
  • Simplified and faster asset entry and adjustments with automated data entry pages.
  • Enhanced planning and budgeting of capital expenditure.
  • Ability to control physical asset information throughout their life cycle.
  • Setting up depreciation plans with minimal efforts.
Compass Fixed Assets is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.
This screen shows a financial aspect concerning the deprecation of fixed assets; including original cost, expected selling value, depreciation account, expected selling data, account group, etc

Compass Forex

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the biggest financial market in the world. Having a clear overview is difficult in such a big market.

Compass Forex Management enables this by handling all currency exchange transaction and remittance processing for foreign exchange & financial services.

Key Features:
  • Chart of account with JE auto generation
  • Currencies management
  • Shifts management
  • Exchange voucher
  • Worldwide multi currency support
  • Cash management
  • Internal and external remittance
  • Supporting multi branches
  • Anti Money Laundry protection system
  • Integrated OFAC list and European sanction list
  • File upload and download interface
  • Consolidates customized reports

How would it benefit my business? 
  • An overview of the Forex marketUp to date chart of account
  • A safe and secure system
  • Handle all transactions efficiently
  • Ability to customize reports to your preferences

Compass HRIS

Manage your most important asset; people, with a comprehensive, coherent human resources management system that appreciates the importance of your people as much as you do. Motivated and well organized employees deliver successful business environment, and help your company achieve its potential and reach its goals.  Compass HRIS automates human resources functions and enable human resources managers to have complete control over their processes.

Key Features:
  • Regulation of HR processes to achieve best results
  • The full package includes the three main functions to regulate the HR process:
  • Personnel
  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Managing recruitment process and plans
  • Managing interviews, performance appraisal, training and development.
  • Managing self-service, resignation, incentive, budget, succession plan, and career path.
  • Compliance to tax and insurance laws
  • Compass HR is available in full package or in sub-packages with one or more of the modules.

How will Compass HR help my business?
  • Reduce time and money spent on preparing manual data for each employee
  • Increase efficiency and interaction through self-service function
  • Have full control over HR processes
  • Support HR department to help the organization in accomplishing its strategy
  • Maintain an up to date account of each employee
  • HR processes improvement through monitoring performance
Compass HRIS is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.

This screen allows you to define the specifications of each position; its parent position, to which category and department it belongs, its salary range, its vacancy status, etc.

Compass Inventory Management

Compass inventory management helps you control all your inventory operations from material enter, material issue, material transfer, etc.

Key features:
  • Items card
  • Materials transfer; between warehouses and within a warehouse.
  • Materials inspection
  • Borrowing materials to employees and tracking them
  • Physical count; regular and irregular
  • Dock to stock definition
  • Reports

Each item entered into the store has to be defined by its item card where you can locate in which warehouse, location, or bin it should be in. After this easy step, you will be able to use all the functions of the system and apply them.

How would it benefit my business?
  • Reduce hours spent counting inventory
  • Spend less time locating inventory
  • Get accurate count of your goods and items
  • Get the items inspected and approved based on your criteria
  • Flexible reporting mechanism
Compass Inventory Management is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.
This screen allows you to manage physical counts; able to specify warehouse, location, document number, etc.

This screen allows you to define the specifications of your raw materials; its location, class, minimum stock quantity, cost method, etc.

Compass Procurement Management

Compass Procurement Management gives you a complete view of purchasing that gives you the ability to make the right and necessary changes to your purchasing operations. It handles the purchasing process from the purchase request to the purchase order covering all the necessary steps in between and even returning the items to the vendor.

Key features:
  • Purchase request
  • Preparing requests for quotation (RFQ)
  • Vendor quotations
  • Compare quotations
  • Purchase order
  • Purchase order approval
  • Purchase order pricing
  • Purchase order receipts
  • Item receipts
  • Return to vendor
  • Reports

The system can either help you go from the purchase request directly to the purchase order if you don’t need any information or offers from vendors. Or it can help you through the process of selecting the best vendor through a longer way of evaluating, comparing, and analyzing the vendors.

How would it benefit my business?
  • Improve both your spending analysis and demand management
  • Have control over your purchasing operations
  • Improve productivity with reduced processing
  • Ability to compare vendors and evaluate them based on the required criteria to improve your processing time and business needs
  • Flexible reporting mechanism, where you have instant reports to all the screens included in the system.
Compass Procurement Management is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.
This screen show how purchase requests are managed; including requestor,buyer, source, status, etc.

Compass Shareholders Management

Shareholders play an important role in raising money for organizations. Compass Shareholders Management helps in managing in a wide variety of  stock issues starting from defining stocks to ownership transfers.

Key Features:
  • Stockholder cards
  • Stock-type cards
  • Payments & Installments
  • Stock transactions concerning purchasing and sales
  • Stock reservation & de-reservation
  • Meeting Management
  • Profit Management, including profit allocation and print checks
  • Integration of securities exchanges

How would it benefit my business?
  • Having a clear overview of all shareholders and stock transactions
  • Accurately managing information of each shareholder
  • Simplifying Meeting management through integration and automation
  • Maximizing efficiency in stock transactions

Compass Supply Chain Management

Your business success can no longer be measured by your internal success but also by the success your clients, partners, and suppliers. Ensuring their satisfaction and having a customer-centric to improve better long-run. Since Compass Supply Chain Management enables preparation, planning, implementation, and synchronization of the whole supply chain process, it allows you to experience greater control and efficiency.

The effective integration of manufacturers, warehouses, suppliers, and clients has become a competitive necessity in today’s environment. Reducing distribution costs and delivery times while increasing bottom-line profit, and ensuring clients satisfaction are some few benefits amongst many others that Compass Supply Chain can offer.

Key Features:
The full package of Compass Supply Chain Management includes the following core modules:
  • Compass Materials Management
  • Compass Procurement Management
  • Compass Sales Management
  • Compass Production Management
  • Compass Forecasting Management
  • Compass Distribution Management        

  • Adapt to supply uncertainties and demand variability
  • Improve customer service and responsiveness
  • Maximize efficiency in the supply chain
  • Enhance inventory management to increase inventory turnover and reduce obsolete inventory
  • Optimize purchasing activities and thus increase your buying power
  • Enhance demand forecast
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Compass Supply Chain Management is an integral part of Compass ERP, and functions seamlessly with its other modules including financials, human resources, manufacturing, sales, warehousing, etc.

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